Find Newborn Care in El Paso, TX

Find Newborn Care in El Paso, TX

Marcella A. Frausto MD Pediatrics is the place to come for newborn care and guidance

You'll want to visit a pediatrician often during the first year of your child's life. Make sure you choose a pediatrician who will provide top-notch newborn care and guidance. You'll find such a doctor at Marcella A. Frausto MD Pediatrics.

We provide newborn baby care in El Paso, TX. We'll take care of your newborn's healthcare needs from the moment they're born. Call us today to schedule monthly checkups and vaccine appointments. We can even visit you in the hospital to evaluate your child right after birth. Contact us now to learn more about our newborn baby care.

What to expect from your first doctor's appointment

When you choose Marcella A. Frausto MD Pediatrics in El Paso, TX, there's no reason to be nervous about your child's first health exam. Dr. Frausto has a wealth of newborn care experience.

During the examination, we'll check:

  • Your child's weight and length
  • Soft spots at the front and back of your child's head
  • Your child's ears for fluid or infections
  • Your child's eyes to detect cataracts
We'll also check your child's heart, lungs, abdomen, genitalia, hip and legs to make sure they are developing normally.

Reach out to us ASAP to start keeping track of your baby's health.