Get To Know Your Baby's Pediatrician in a Personalized Meet & Greet

Explore our state-of-the-art facility, connect with our friendly team, and meet the renowned pediatrician, Dr. Marcella A. Frausto.

Whether you're eagerly awaiting your first or fourth child, or if you're new to El Paso, TX and seeking pediatric services, you have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary visit with Dr. Frausto. We understand that you have questions, and our pre-natal visit is the perfect occasion to get them all answered. This session is crafted to prepare you for the upcoming journey, addressing concerns, easing fears, and establishing realistic expectations for motherhood.

Contact us at 915-849-9733 to secure your free pre-natal visit. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet and greet Dr. Frausto and her dedicated staff.